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This Exclusive Private Members Club is where you'll learn a host of magic tricks with Full Video Instructions and Explanations each and every month. You'll build your magical repertoire and your reputation as an amazing magician and magical performer.

Allow me to pass on to you, - some of my Magical knowledge and experience, gained from a lifetime in professional magical performance and entertainment.

Here's just one of a host of amazing magic routines
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100's of Amazing Magic Tricks and Routines
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You'll build a huge repertoire of 100's of great magic tricks and routines...

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The Magic Inner Circle course was perfect for me

I had a boyhood interest in magic which slipped away from me as I grew older. Quite a bit later in life my interest was reawakened by
a family friend and I began my quest to learn what I could about the magic world.

The Magic Inner Circle course was perfect for me.  It explained many different types of magic and gave me a good understanding of many magical concepts I had heard about but never understood.  The emphasis is on the powerful effect a presentation can have.  Keep it simple. Devious, yes but complicated or knuckle busting, no.

The video tutorials were a very powerful way for me to learn. John's many years of experience are a great guide for your pursuit.  I highly recommend this course.

Thanks again John for all the education and the fun.

Robert Cobb - MagicBob NY

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Each and every month you'll have access to Real Practical and Professional Magic Tricks in your own Exclusive Member's Area of the Magic Video Club.

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You'll build a huge repertoire of great magic tricks and routines that include the full content of my best selling course - "The Ultimate Pro' Magic Course", which snowballed to an amazing 26 CD and still growing. - All these Videos are there for you in the New Inner Circle Magic Club.....

Everbody Thinks I've Been Practicing Magic for Years!

What a terrific magic course! I was a bit worried that it might be full of hard moves and sleight of hand that I wouldn't be able to do but it's just the opposite. Everything's really easy to follow with your videos.

I've just received lesson 8 and the stuff about using a toppit vanisher is completely new to me and really fascinating. It's so simple.

I've been having a lot of fun with the Card Thru' Hanky and also the Burnt and Restored Hanky. Everybody thinks I've been secretly practicing magic for years, so I don't tell them I've just been doing it for a few months.

By the way, the CD carrying case that came with lesson 6 was a nice surprise, thanks.

I'm looking forward to the rest of the lessons. Oh, your rope routine is a real stunner and I can't believe the thumb-tip stuff. It's all been great.

Thanks a lot. Derek Harkness
Johnstone, Renfrewshire


It is this Amazing Content of Magic - Over 200 Magic Effects and Routines and growing, - that you will Gain Exclusive Access to over the coming months, by Joining The Inner Circle Magic Club.

No It's Not An Illusion - It's Real Magic -
With Video Explanations and Instructions

There are Card Tricks, Coin Tricks, Rope Tricks, and Magic Tricks of all kinds.... plus all the tips, tricks and magical advice that I can offer....


The content of this Exclusive Magic Club is constantly expanding and is designed to help you become the 'life and soul' of any party or gathering and to boost your confidence, reputation and sales presentations using easy practical Magic.

See What This Professional Magician Had to Say....

I Made a Living as a Magician - I'll Be Changing to Your Rope Routine and the Torn & Restored Newspaper, but my Favorite is the Cups and Balls...

John, - I had made a living as a Magician before and I wanted to get back into magic and needed new illusions and wanted to work more with adults than the birthday party circuit. I purchased your course as it was the only one I could pay for in installments.I have enjoyed the entire course but I think my favorite is the cups and ball routine as it is a totally different spin on an old favorite. I do a different cut and restored rope routine but will be changing to yours as well as the torn and restored newspaper. I find both of those tricks very effective.I would describe your Magic course as a very valuable resource. I have looked forward to receiving it every month and now that we are finished will miss it. The course has illusions for accomplished Magicians as well as beginners. Now I have enough material I can (and will) put together a show for an Adult crowd.

John you have given me very good value for my money and as I have said I will miss getting the monthly lesson. Should you decide to put out a 2nd course please let me know. I would highly recommend "The Magic Touch" to anyone interested in Magic. Thank you John for putting the course together.
Magical regards,
Estry Hiltz - estrysmagic@telus.net - Canada

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The Course Was Great Value for Money!

John, I found your Magic Course on the WWW and really enjoyed all the lessons, particularly all your card tricks. - I enjoy the extraordinary resultsThe Course was Great Value for money; an all-round introduction and increasingly advanced Magic Course, presented by someone who is a real professional and exudes a love of his audience and customers.Thank You : ), - In admiration.

Dr Richard D. Field O.B.E. - Dore, Sheffield, UK


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